The ultimate book on learning.

We're compiling the best ideas about learning in a single book after testing them on real-world learning projects.

The Project

The art of learning effectively is the most important skill one can acquire. By understanding how learning works, people are able to learn 4 foreign languages in a single year, learn 5 semesters worth of music theory classes in 15 hours and so on. We, our friends, our children will be learning throughout our lives. A small effort in learning this meta-skill will pay huge dividends over years.

So, we're summarizing the best books about learning.

Each chapter will present the core ideas of these books in a few pages. So, by reading this one book, you get the best parts of 15 highly acclaimed books on learning!

And we will test these ideas on ourselves.

It's not enough to simply collect various theories about learning. The methods for learning a programming language may not apply to learning how to swim. We will apply the ideas from these books on our own and report the results. The final goal is to build a comprehensive template that can generate a learning plan which is customized to both the learner and the skill.

We didn't want this book to be a single author's subjective opinions, so we are doing this as a group. All of us will learn a few skills over next 3 months using the ideas from these books and take notes and what worked and what did not.

The People


Nilesh has been building digital products for about 15 years.

Over the next 3 months, he plans to learn graphic design and abstract algebra.


Ujjwal has been working as a datascientist and full stack developer.

Over the next 3 months, he plans to learn probability and financial modelling.


Jigyasu is a college dropout and a self-taught frontend developer.

He plans to unlearn and relearn Javascript in depth.


Devansh is an IndieHacker currently building Indistractable launcher

Over the next 3 months, he plans to learn UI/UX and Interaction design


Priyank is the cofounder of

Over the next 3 months, he will learn to build habits to get physically fit and reduce social media addiction.


Apoorv is a full-stack developer and loves to build new things..

Over the next 3 months, he will learn Japanese language.


Kaushik Bokka

Pawneet Singh

Nithyakala Subramanian

Nishant Arora

Pravin Singh

Viraj Chavan

Sameer Ramesh

Bhanu Teja P

Julie A. Hinton

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